Auto Parts Replacement for Toyota, Honda, Audi, Proton & Perodua in Malaysia.

Owe our decades of the success to the market strategic of partnerships throughout the supply auto parts replacement in Malaysia and that's founded on our products with premium quality, performance and advanced technology by Japan.

» Auto Parts Features & Quality Specialists

Most auto engine parts to vehicles are considered rubber, metal and ball specialists. Our auto parts features products equipment is well-known in the high quality grade.

Provision has developed premium quality auto parts replacement product lines that have proven to be in high demand for the rubber & metal Industries. Which is includeed car Engine Mounting, Bushing Auto Parts, Arm Bush, Suspension Lower Arm, Control Arm, CV Rubber Boots and Steering Rubber Boots Assemblies. Through our these 10 years experinece, we've to build a reputation making the Nippro brand synonymous with Genuine Auto Parts by Superior Quality as well as OEM parts for Toyota, Honda, Audi, Proton & Perodua and continues to be an integral auto parts of the quality first, meet the OE requipment with automotive industry leaders, and being the top supplier and distribution in Malaysia.

» National Delivery Support

Provision Auto Parts Features Supplier provided delivery with goods packing, services, and delivery on-time. We serve our customers at a National high level, where multiple locations and including our headquarters area. Provision is now leading and distribution the best quality for auto parts replacement with no more compromises and competitive advantages for business development.

» Meet the Perfect Fits Specialists

Provision auto parts is specialize in the quality and the products design for first perfect fit and perfect installation. We distributor most auto parts in this specialized market segment work primarily with products like our Insulator Engine Mounting Kit, Strut Absorber Mounts, Arm Bush, Lower Arm, Suspension Parts, CV Rubber Boots, Steering Rubber Boots & Bushing Auto Parts.

Provision is good in well known for all automobile rubber material's quality and installation, and repair facilities time with money. We believe only high quality auto parts features grade can do the best.

» Our Prodcuts Design Specialists

Each auto parts are highly specialized in the rubber and engine systems of all vehicles. Our products rebuild a total brand new for the overall automotive parts surface design with texture soft-touch looks from Inside & Out, where everything is 100% modern feel and more advantage.

Powered by Japan Latest Formulation.

» The Design & Auto Parts Engineering

With our years of experience in auto parts market, our sales and supports team is working closely with quality and OE products that meet customers' unique specifications and satifications. We are also well versed in engine regulations that govern specific product lines like mounting, bushing, cv rubber boot, and arm bush which ensuring safety-compliant products are distributed to the market.

» The Quality & Products Tested

All of our auto parts product are manufacturing facilities with SMR & ISO certified. This is the first commitment to the quality process which translates into the highest grade quality for our production lines. Through the testing into high temperature, and heavy process, we are able to achieve better efficiency with low defect rates.

» Delivery with No More Compromises

Our distribution idea strategically located the whole Malaysia states, we are able to deliver quickly to the customer, enhancing fast and in-time production efficiency.

» Product Warranty Assurance

Provision auto engine parts is engineered with latest automotive formulation to better durable and performance. We ensure each product tested in good conditions and assurance.