NIPPRO Genuine Auto Parts

  • Nippro® has an Individually engine mounting to ensure each insulator functions right out of the Nippro® Genuine Parts box.
  • Advanced quality mounting repair parts designed to support and meet the OE engine specifications.
  • Nippro® designed every mounting with perfect dimensions measured and validated to ensure with perfect fit snugly into all engine system.

NIPPRO Genuine Auto Parts Original Packaging

  • Premium superior grade engine mounting and precision auto replacement products designed by Japan formulation.
  • Nippro® engine mounting auto parts are ready to meet OE requirement and its 100% tested by factory to ensure the quality and durability.
  • Nippro® engine mounting auto parts packaging design is an unqiue brand new looking at the Malaysia market to ensure no is one can be counterfeit.

Engine Mounting Auto Parts

Nippro® genuine auto parts designed and powered by latest advanced quality for the latest automotive motor applications, better performance, durability, and extreme powerful insulator auto parts replacement.

Nippro Engine Mounting Auto Parts Distribution in Malaysia.

Nippro® Genuine Parts distribution superior high grade engine mounting and insulator mount components for most Japanese, Korean, US and Local vehicles in Malaysia market which are designed with high quality materials and high quality rubber with ease of installation. Nippro® engine mounting processed & 100% tested by main factory to ensure every mounting replacement parts without problem.