A Premium Distribution by Provision.

NIPPRO Drive Shaft Boot, CV Boot & Steering Boot Auto Parts Suppliers In Malaysia.

Nippro Genuine CV Boots & Steering Boots Auto Parts Equipment to distributor Drive Shaft CV Boot and Steering Boot for most Japan, Korea, German vechiles, and local cars model in Malaysia.

The product's quality in designing and manufacturing are fully controlled and tested by advanced facilities. Nippro all rubber boots are produced by high grade rubber (SMR) material & utilizing as similar as stringent like OE quality products.

The independent of Nippro is holding the SMR certified as high grade rubber genuine auto parts replacement which designed by good materials for Drive Shaft CV boot & Steering boot in perfect fitting, well function, and extreme performance in high temperature.


The Shape »

Nippro drive shaft boot & steering boot are carrying to rigorous vehicle test to fit and designing proceduces to assure all rubber boots shape are fully compatible.


As leading the SMR certified material to produce precision rubber boot components for all aspects of CV boot and Steering boot assembly. Provision has designed to add-on texture on surface which is looking more sport and great performance.

Functions »

Our rubber boots are tested in high temperature, driving speed, & heavy road performance to ensure the rubber product quality is successed to meet our satisfaction and the conditions for OE fit.

« Easy Process

Nippro provides full details for all rubber boots products are reliability, durability and ease of installation. Nippro Genuine Parts always guarantee customers satisfaction.

Never Compromises »

Each Nippro drive drive shaft boot and steering boot revision by proffesional development and factory tested to produce final advanced quality rubber boot,ensuring the safety and standard equipment.